Public Safety Guidance

Gallaudet Community:

To reduce our exposure to the COVID-19 outbreak, please prepare for the following public safety measures:

Pedestrian and vehicular access to campus

  • Closed: The Brentwood Parkway, West Virginia Avenue, and Sixth Street gates will be closed at all times.
  • 24/7: The main gate at 800 Florida Avenue, NE will remain open 24/7.
  • Gallaudet ID check will be enforced at the main gate.
  • At this time, individuals allowed on campus include:
    • Gallaudet students and employees
    • Visitors with pre-arranged commitments
    • Kellogg Conference Hotel guests
    • Hearing and Speech Center patients

Parking on campus

  • Students who request a refund for campus parking will get the equivalent of a one-half semester refund.
  • Students need to inform DPS Parking if they want to park or leave their vehicles on campus.
  • Students who stay on campus or nearby can use their vehicles daily and continue to park on campus as long as they have a current permit.

Note: Gallaudet cannot assume liability for personal vehicles or any other property left on campus.

Shuttle bus service

  • Gallaudet ID will be required to get on the shuttle bus.
  • We are considering using smaller vehicles that hold no more than 25 people to preserve social distance.
  • Transportation will update to a reduced service schedule when academics and businesses have moved to remote… stay tuned for that announcement.

Please do all you can to reinforce public safety. We encourage implementing virtual alternatives with your guests. Your safety is our priority.

Ted Baran
Department of Public Safety