Guiding Principles

President Cordano set forth seven guiding principles that have helped her, the Executive Team, and the Crisis Leadership Team to formulate the university’s response to the worldwide coronavirus outbreak. These guiding principles are as follows:

  1. We are all in this together, and must come together and provide support to one another, as one community. Our commitment is to work together, to work from facts and accurate information, and to follow best preventive practices to keep ourselves healthy.
  2. Our decisions will be guided by the health and safety of our community, from our children to our students, to our staff, faculty, and our volunteers.
  3. We continue to be committed to our academic offerings to our students of all ages, which includes continuity in teaching and research.
  4. We are committed to taking whatever measures are necessary to slow down the spread of COVID-19. We must all do our part to ensure our individual and collective health and safety.
  5. We are committed to ensuring that this situation will not impact some people more than others.
  6. We pledge that we will communicate often, straightforwardly, and accurately, and that we will ensure continued language vibrancy by providing information in both American Sign Language and English. To this end, we have created an email account,, to which you may direct your questions. We are committed to responding to all inquiries as expeditiously as possible.
  7. We want to emphasize this is a “new normal” for our world. We will respond to this rapidly-changing situation thoughtfully and carefully, using the expertise we have here. This is something that we do well. Our commitment at Gallaudet is to adapt and change as we learn this “new normal.”