Clerc Center Online Learning and Virtual Townhalls for Families

April 3, 2020

Clerc Center Community:

The past several weeks have been challenging for all of us, but they have also been a time of innovation and community. We have watched our teachers and staff come together to create learning opportunities in ways they had never envisioned, students supporting each other, and families creating connections in our new virtual world.

This communication includes information on:

  • Online Learning/Online Instruction.
    • Transition to online learning.
    • Connecting with students/families.
  • Virtual Townhall for Families.

Online Learning/Online Instruction

Since our decision to begin an extended spring break on March 16, our teachers, staff, and leadership have worked tirelessly to build learning opportunities for students, and launch our new learning portal ClercCenter@Home.

We now want to share what you can expect in April:  

While we are evaluating the feasibility of re-opening our schools after April 24, we are planning for the need to provide online instruction for the fourth quarter to all of our students. We will be making a decision about the remainder of the academic year no later than April 13. In the meantime, we wanted to share our plans for students for April:

  • April 6-10: Online Learning Resources and Activities
    • Teachers and staff will continue to provide a mix of live and recorded learning opportunities and interactive sessions for students in all grades through ClercCenter@Home.
    • Work is optional and will not be graded, but participation is encouraged to maintain community, set schedules, and adjust to virtual learning.
    • Activity Calendar Publication Date: Monday, April 6.
  • April 13-17: Spring Break
    • This week is our planned spring break. In order to ensure new habits of online learning every day for our students to continue to develop, each school will be posting a calendar of learning activities.
    • Activity Calendar Publication Date: Monday, April 13.
  • April 20 – 24: Week One – Online Instruction
    • We will continue to use ClercCenter@Home but will shift to online instruction.
    • Details will be shared next week by each school leadership team about schedules, assignment structures, and grading, as well as support services and accommodations.

Transition to Online Instruction:

Over the next two weeks, the school leadership teams will be working with teachers to design the best approach for their students. Many teachers are already using online learning systems which will help make this transition more familiar and easier to navigate for all.


Over the next two weeks, teachers and staff will be reaching out to students and families who have not logged into learning sessions to check-in and provide support as needed. If you are having difficulty with login or access to any activity, please contact your school leadership team at or

Townhall for Families:

We are working on the technical aspects of hosting a townhall for families. Our goal date for this event is April 10. We will confirm as soon as we are able to secure the resources to host this event. Please send your questions to by April 8 so we can answer your question as a part of this event.

We are all learning as we go through this experience – students, teachers, administrators and families alike. We ask for your continued patience, understanding, and engagement as we build this unique educational environment. We won’t be perfect and we will need to adjust as we go. We welcome your feedback and appreciate your understanding as we work to incorporate everyone’s perspective.

In closing, we want to thank the entire Clerc Center community – teachers, staff, leaders, families, and our students. We miss you and we look forward to connecting online until we can meet again in person.

Take care, be safe, stay healthy.

Marianne and Nicole

Marianne Belsky,

Chief Academic Officer

Nicole Sutliffe,

Chief Administrative Officer