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Entering Gallaudet University
To ensure the health and safety of our community and its guests, Gallaudet University is only accessible through its main gate at Eighth Street and Florida Avenue N.E. The Sixth Street, Brentwood Parkway, and West Virginia Avenue gates have been closed indefinitely. The Sixth Street and Seventh Street pedestrian gates also have been closed.

You must show official Gallaudet University identification or have essential business with Gallaudet to enter the campus via vehicle or on foot.

In addition, all shuttle bus users must show official Gallaudet University identification.

Student Health Service
The Student Health Service asks that any University or MSSD students with respiratory symptoms consistent with the flu or COVID-19 contact them FIRST, so that they can be prepared. In particular, students with respiratory symptoms and fever will be triaged in a separate area at Student Health Services. Any testing for COVID–19 will be coordinated with local public health officials. SHS can be reached by telephone at 202-651-5090 or via email at

Clerc Center:
If a student at KDES exhibits respiratory symptoms consistent with the flu or COVID-19, contact the school nurse. The school nurse will alert the Student Health Service if needed.

MSSD Students should follow normal procedures for requesting a pass to SHS. Staff will alert SHS.

Gallaudet University
Hand sanitizers are being distributed at the Student Health Service for students, and Human Resources (College Hall 106) for staff and faculty.

Clerc Center
Hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes are being distributed for students, staff, and teachers. Teachers and staff continue to demonstrate proper handwashing techniques to our students. Common areas are cleaned regularly with disinfecting wipes.

Facemasks are not recommended by CDC to prevent the spread of the virus in people without symptoms. Thus, they should not be provided to the general community at events. They should only be used by individuals who appear ill.

Communications and outreach
The Office of University Communications has created this dedicated website, and sends frequent email communications. University Communications works closely with Clerc Center in their frequent email and direct communications with staff and families at KDES and MSSD.

Health and Wellness Programs and the undergraduate Public Health program have been working with us to provide tips for community members.

Certain campus units may communicate with subsets of the University community. For example, the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs is communicating with students, the Office of International Affairs is in touch with international students, and academic departments may be contacting their own students.

Quarantine space
Gallaudet University is prepared to create a space for quarantining people who test positive for COVID-19. Details will follow.

If you have symptoms consistent with the flu or COVID-19, you should stay home to avoid infecting others. If you feel ill, contact your health care provider immediately.

Academic support
As of March 23, the Monday the University’s spring break, all University classes will move online. Academic support services will also be online; more information will follow.

KDES and MSSD will begin an extended Spring Break effective March 16. Our hope is to have students return as planned after Spring Break (April 20).

COVID-19 Guidance for Principal Investigators, Project Directors, and Researchers
The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is closely monitoring the rapidly evolving situation of the COVID-19 virus. There are 11 frequently asked questions in the FAQ section; they will be updated as additional information from the University, health authorities and our funding agencies becomes available. We are committed to assisting the faculty, staff, and students during this time. Thank you for your patience.

Contact Audrey Wineglass Foster with additional questions and concerns not covered in the FAQ.

Education abroad programs
To ensure the safety of our university students and faculty, the university recalled all students from spring study abroad on Wednesday, March 11. All students who were abroad for the spring semester are now at their permanent address. Study abroad for summer 2020 is canceled. Students who applied for summer study abroad programs can work with the Manager of Education Abroad and International Fellowships to determine if they can participate in a future program. Contact Education Abroad and International Fellowships for more information.

Bullying and xenophobia
As the coronavirus pandemic continues its march across the nation and the globe, it is important to remember that no matter where it originated, it is an equal opportunity virus and an insidious disease that affects everyone. Bullying and xenophobia against any group is inappropriate and will not be tolerated. Please see Bullying and Xenophobia Have No Place at Gallaudet.

Help stop the spread
Share the facts about COVID–19 prevention and symptoms with these flyers and posters; feel free to post them in your office, classroom, or residence hall.

The Spanish version is also available:

Academic Impact and Support

While health and safety are our primary concerns, we remain mindful of the academic challenges students face as more travel destinations and study-abroad programs are affected by the spread of the virus. Academic units are encouraged to make their best efforts to support students whose quarters may be disrupted due to coronavirus concerns so that they can complete their coursework.

We also are aware that staff and faculty may find their work disrupted due to travel restrictions, and we urge supervisors to be flexible and generous in establishing alternative responsibilities.

On-campus Class and Residential Restrictions

Effective March 23, and continuing to the end of the Spring semester, all university courses will be provided online.

Graduate and undergraduate students are asked not to return to campus after spring break.

Gallaudet University students who need to remain on campus for extenuating circumstances will also receive instruction remotely, and must prepare for limited on-campus activities and interactions.

Deans and department chairs will communicate more specific guidance. Faculty have received guidance and recommendations on online delivery methods for their courses. Gallaudet Technology Services will provide support to faculty, as detailed on its website, including instructional strategies, available tools, and recommended best practices.

Academic Continuity

Transitioning to remote education is a significant adjustment for everyone in our community. We are committed to providing support. 

Events and Meetings

Events and Meetings

Gallaudet continues to ensure that students, staff, teachers and faculty have safe and healthy environments in which to learn and work.  It also recognizes that we all have an important role in slowing the spread of disease. As such, Gallaudet is implementing the following interim restrictions related to events and activities:

  • All non-essential meetings or events involving external individuals and/or entities through April 30 are canceled. Organizers are responsible for providing notification to the participants in a timely manner (within 48 hours if possible) that the meeting or event has been postponed, canceled or made virtual (through Zoom, Skype, etc.). 
  • All in-person meetings or events involving 10 or more (including interpreters) students, staff, teachers or faculty are prohibited.
  • All in-person meetings or events of less than 10 (including interpreters) students, staff, teachers or faculty should be reconsidered but is not prohibited at this time. This meeting size is consistent with the guidance of health care experts and professionals, and with the policies of many of our peer institutions.
    • Non-essential meetings must be vetted and pre-approved 
    • External individuals and/or entities means anyone that is not a current Gallaudet student, staff, teacher or faculty member.
    • For any in-person meetings of less than 10, remind attendees of simple measures to lower risk and prevent the spread of viruses (not shaking hands, practicing social distancing, etc). Ensure easy access to handwashing facilities, and make sure alcohol-based sanitizers are readily available to all participants. 
    • We encourage the use of remote technology to collaborate via teleconferencing instead of meeting in person. Zoom accounts are available to staff and faculty.

We understand these new interim policies have financial implications. We are working with Operations and Finance to provide each Unit guidance.  In the interim, please contact Davina Kwong Yu @ to discuss cancellation and reimbursement options.

Travel & Restrictions

Effective immediately, and until further notice:

  • All University-supported and grant-funded international travel is prohibited.
  • Anyone who travels to or from a country with a United States Department of State Level 3 travel advisory for COVID-19 must self-isolate for 14 days before returning to campus. As of March 10, 2020, these countries are China, Iran, Italy, Mongolia, and South Korea. Please consult the United States Department of State Travel Advisories web page for updated information. You can also subscribe to travel advisories and/or alerts; visit the State Department’s Staying Connected web page for more information.
  • All personal international travel is strongly discouraged.
  • All University-related or or Clerc Center-related non-essential domestic air travel is prohibited. If in doubt, consult with your direct supervisor.
  • We urge extreme caution in your personal domestic travel.